Associação das Rodas de Samba e Pagode do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, BATUCADA RJ, is a collective of sambistas, pagodeiro, and artistic producers that establishes an approach between the Rodas de Samba and Pagode of the State of Rio de Janeiro, with municipal, state, and federal public administration agencies, as well as other managers that carry out cultural activities.

BATUCADA discusses the insertion of artistic-cultural manifestations in the city’s public policy agenda, prospecting resources and space for activities; registration of the samba and pagode groups; and obtaining permits to hold events in public places.

The collective promotes musicians and enables the participation of teenagers and young people who relate to samba in the communities of Rio de Janeiro, and spreads cultural activities such as rodas de samba, pagode festivals, chorinho, jongo (African dance of the samba drumming type), samba, and pagode concerts.

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