Cachaça Social Club arrives in Lapa to tell the story of a 100% Brazilian drink to tourists and Rio locals

Cachaça Social Club arrives in Lapa to tell the story of a 100% Brazilian drink to tourists and Rio locals

The CSC, a participant in the Rota do Samba project, emerged from the realization by a great connoisseur of cachaça that there was a considerable portion of the Brazilian and foreign population that only knew the drink by name or only through a few tastings, without a deeper understanding of how this delicacy could be so rich in flavors, have so many sensory variations and also different levels of quality, such as wine and whiskey.

A project was then created with a focus on social development and on the expansion of the Brazilian culture, with the support and partnership of renowned tour operators, such as Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau, Compass Brazil, AbreuTur, Del Bianco, GM Group and Brasil World (Italy).

And, today, Caipirinha is still the highpoint of the house’s drinks list. There are 100 surprising options and combinations, such as jabuticaba and lychee, named Arcos da Lapa, or kiwi with lime, named Floresta da Tijuca. All of them are named after attractions in the State of Rio de Janeiro, giving the experience an extra charm. If that hunger strikes, mouth-watering snack options will not be lacking, such as the trio of artisanal mini hamburgers and traditional dishes, such as Filet Appetizer and Squid À Dorê.

Location and History

On January 19, 2017, Lapa, the most bohemian neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, received a space with the proposal of spreading the word about cachaça, a drink produced only in Brazil, which has been created over 500 years and is certified as a historical and cultural heritage of the country: the Cachaça Social Club.

The place was designed so that the visitor has a different experience by joining the tasting of the third best-selling distillate in the world with learning: daily educational tours are offered on the origin of cachaça, its peculiarities, in addition to the step by step of its production process and the production process of Caipirinha, an internationally known drink made with this delicacy.

A totally rural activity, now in a location in the center of the city, in the heart of bohemia. The idea is not just to drink, it is also to participate and understand the stages that give rise to cachaça. Rio locals and tourists will have the opportunity to get to know the entire manufacturing process until the elaboration of a Caipirinha, without visiting stills in the interior of the state to have this experience. Besides, travelers will be able to take all the knowledge acquired at the Cachaça Social Club to their original destination, thus multiplying the curiosities of the drink”, as summarized.

Cultural Tour

Valuing and spreading the word about a 100% Brazilian product, which is responsible for moving around 40 thousand producers, was the great motivation of Carlos Levy to create this thematic space. The passion of this Pernambuco-born – who, at the age of 18 landed in this Marvelous City and never left – for the Brazilianness and particularity of the drink made him undertake and bet on a rustic place, an “urban still”, with the potential to be recognized as the official residence of cachaça culture in Rio de Janeiro.

A passport costs R$ 100 per person (tickets available at promises a traditional lime Caipirinha when entering the Club to be tasted during the tourist-cultural event “From Sugar Cane to Caipirinha – The Experience” conducted with a maximum of 15 participants. For 50 minutes, accompanied by a bilingual guide (English and Spanish), visitors go from grinding the raw material of cachaça, sugar cane, to bottling the drink, understanding the stages of production in artisanal and industrial forms (and their differences). At the end, with the help of a bartender, they will be able to make their own Caipirinha and will be presented with a bottle of cachaça to later enjoy with friends, thus spreading our beloved drink!


Cachaça Social Club

Rua do Resende, 53 – Lapa / Rio de Janeiro.

Opening: January 19, 2017.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, starting at 2 pm.

Tourist-Cultural Tour “Da cana-de-açúcar à caipirinha – A experiência” [“From Sugar Cane to Caipirinha – The Experience”]:

Hourly, with groups of 15 people and duration of 50 minutes.

Passport for the Tour: R$ 100.00 per person. Purchase and scheduling on the website

Capacity of the House: 70 places.

Accepts all debit and credit cards. Does not accept check.

More information: Abre Aspas Assessoria.