Palcos do Rio Trends Festival Announces Its Chosen Artists

Associação Palcos do Rio joined the Sound Club Live show broadcasting application to host PALCOS DO RIO TRENDS 2020, the first online festival made to contribute to live music, promote developing artists to the market, and value the agents of Rio’s nightlife.

The Palcos do Rio Trends Festival will take place in partnership with Trends Brasil Conference, the main music business meeting in Rio de Janeiro, from October 19 to 23, during the Happy Hour of the conferences, starting at 5:30 pm.

About one hundred artists signed up for the selection, which will select up to three bands for the festival’s official program. Voting, by the way, is already open to the public on Palcos do Rio’s Instagram.

The six artists selected to participate in the contest are: Aquino e a Orquestra Invisível, Faria, Gabriel Feijão, Gui Daiher, Lienne, and Taís Feijão. The singers with the most likes over the weekend will join nine more bands invited by the curators and partners of Trends Brasil Conference for the program, which will surely be released next Tuesday, October 13th.