As beautiful as its history, which was composed by Portuguese, Spanish, and Brazilians.

What was supposed to be a simple passing bar, a common one, like any other corner bar, it gained fame, but mainly respect from the dearest customers who passed by.

Gracioso, in all its years of existence, has been historic, from the first coffee and milk in the morning to the beer served to the last customer at night.

Gracioso was once a meeting point for samba, MPB, pagode, and forró circles. It has hosted major events such as comida di boteco, TV and cinema shootings, corporate birthday parties, or simple meetings with friends.

Gracioso had its beautiful walk interrupted and, after a year and five months, left Sacadura Cabral 97 a feeling of emptiness and deep sadness.

For a few moments, we thought: would it be possible to reopen it in the face of countless difficulties? But soon came the words, the comfort, and the enthusiasm of friend customers, who called themselves “Gracioso’s orphans”, a necessary motivation that made us not give up.

For this reason, dear friends, we have risen from the ashes and returned even more strong, seeking to respect the layout of the space and all the uniqueness of Gracioso.

We returned with joy and the certainty that we can count on you to give a new meaning to a long story that had a short break for coffee, or better, for a beer!

To all of you who cheered and waited for this return, thank you very much and welcome.

(21) 2263-5028