Every great artist started on a small stage.

Palcos do Rio is a cultural, community, and educational network focused on strengthening the bonds between concert halls, artists, and society for the propagation of art in Rio de Janeiro, producing entertainment, quality of life, and wealth for our city. We have a special affection for each and every small and medium stage, true incubators of great artists. After all, it was on small, piano-and-bar stages that we saw Elis and Tom arise.

Rio’s cultural heritage is huge, but we know that investing in art and culture is a great challenge. Having a concert hall or a stage in Rio de Janeiro is brave and the last few years have been hard for Rio’s night life, especially due to the barriers that came its way, whether for the lack of security and infrastructure or low quality urban mobility. Not to mention the current moment in which we live because of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. Losses are already measurable and worrying.

However, we are Palcos do Rio de Janeiro. We will be here to bring music, theater, dance, and any form of art to society. We are the show, the art, the artists, the music, and the fun. Every night, every live, the audience’s applause reminds us, more than ever, that the show has to go on.