Sound Club Live hosts the Palcos do Rio Trends Festival

The Palcos do Rio Trends Festival comes to contribute to live music, promote developing artists, and value the agents of Rio’s nightlife! Associação Palcos do Rio, which represents more than 40 venues in Rio de Janeiro, the Sound Club Live show broadcasting application and Trends Brasil Conference, the main music business meeting in Rio, will be held from 19 to 23 October, PALCOS DO RIO TRENDS 2020, an online festival that will bring 13 artists from the current Brazilian scene for presentations that are open to the public during the Happy Hour of the conferences, starting at 5:30 pm, through the new Rio’s app.

After holding a selection with more than 100 artists, the festival announces the official schedule, which features selected artists and popular voting. During the presentations, fans will be able to donate to the artists through the Prestigiar option of the app. To download Sound Club Live for free, just access the app store with your phone or computer. The shows will take place on Palcos do Rio Trends’ profile.

PALCOS DO RIO TRENDS SCHEDULE – October 19th to 23rd, starting at 5:30 pm 
October 23th: LEKINNN / FARIA / LÉO SOMA 

Palcos do Rio Trends 2020 is a unique opportunity for developing bands to show their work to agents of the creative music industry and expand the reach of their music to an audience that appreciates music and new things. Presentations were recorded in one of the houses of the Palcos do Rio association, Pub Panqss, in Botafogo, with high-definition shooting by the company Betamax Audiovisual and transmission with cutting-edge technology. Accessing and downloading Sound Club Live is free.

“The Festival is an achievement and an incentive for us who live Rio nightlife and move the market with so many talented artists. This is only our first event in this online format, and it will soon be extended to homes. Sound Club Live reinforces our commitment to create an environment for live music to continue, coupled with the financial commitment to artists, who can receive donations directly through the application. And the partnership with Trends Brasil Conference is essential to present this new business model to the market and bring more visibility to the bands in the professional field”, says Monica Silva, CEO of Small and Medium Stages Association of Rio de Janeiro, an organization created a little over a year ago, which has been bringing business to the clubs in the city.



This year, Anderson Primo (@anderson.primo), from Minas Gerais, launched his EP “Ocê, Oceano”, produced by Gleison Túlio, bringing unique music by combining influences from the city and the countryside in electronic themes, pop, ballads, and even bolero and carimbó. Anderson has a strong stage presence and a strong voice, which wins the audience over in the first audition.


Aquino e a Orquestra Invisível (@Aquinoeaorquestrainvisível) is a trio from Rio de Janeiro that unites Rock, Pop and MPB and has been drawing public attention since the beginning of the year with the release of singles that will make up their first album, produced by Sidney Sohn Jr (@sidneysohnjr). The band is formed by João Soto (Vocal, Bass, and Synthesizer), Leandro Bessa (Drums and Percussion) and João Vazquez (Vocal, Electric Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar).


Rio’s quartet Canto Cego (@cantocego) brings rock in the form of poetry. The group formed in the favela of Maré, in 2010, has won over audiences and critics in recent years and has partnerships with Crioulo, Johnny Hooker, Detonautas, among others. The band was part of the Impulso program of UBC (Brazilian Composers Union) and has already been on important stages such as Circo Voador, Montreux Jazz Festival, and Rock In Rio.


Singer and songwriter, Faria (@faria_oficial) bets on Urban Pop and R&B in his work and is influenced by names like Ângela Ro, Erasmo Carlos, Michael Jackson, and Post Malone. He released his debut album in 2019, attracted an Internet audience and, in 2020, has been developing his music with the release of the singles “Baseada em Fatos” and “Na Manhã”.


Gui Daiher (@guidaiher) is a singer, instrumentalist, composer and vocal trainer from Rio de Janeiro. He combines rock, MPB, and poetry in his works. Last year, he released the solo debut album “Flores de Papel” and, recently, the single “A Terra Construtora Para Nós”. He is inspired by icons like Freddie Mercury, Milton Nascimento, Robert Plant, Gilberto Gil, Cazuza/Frejat, and John Mayer.


Singer and songwriter, Humberto Effe (@humbertoeffe) became known for his work alongside the band Picassos Falsos and his solo work and partnerships with names like Frejat, Dado Vila-Lobos, and Samuel Rosa. His new single, “A Vontade e o Medo”, a song about relationships, desires, and hope, is the opening that signals the expected return of the composer, singer, and musician to his record career, announcing his coming EP. The song was produced by JR Tostoi, who also pilots’ guitars and programming on this recording, alongside Marcelo Vig (drums) and Hugo Noguchi (bass).


Jay Guerra (@heyjayguerra) is a singer, actor, and dancer, with extensive national and international experience. This year, he released his single “Ofegante”, under the musical production of Nelson D (Gloria Groove), a Pop song with the influence of R&B, funk, dancehall, and trap. Last year he released his debut single, “Overdose”, a Brega Pop song that was also remixed and drew attention for the versatility of Guerra in his performance in the music video.


With timbres and modern arrangements, rich in electronic elements, Léo Soma (@leo.soma) mixes Pop, R&B, Lo-fi, and Hip-Hop in his music in a futuristic atmosphere, sometimes nostalgic. In March of this year, he released the EP “Isolados”, which made him reach new audiences, and produced, during the pandemic, “Isolados Pt. 2 ”, with 4 additional tracks, adding more than 100 thousand streams on Spotify and more than 200 thousand views on YouTube.


Diving into the simplicity of a country boy in songs full of emotion, the artist from Volta Redonda (RJ) Lekinnn (@lekinnn_) grows with each release, talking about humbleness, society, and love. Since his debut in 2019 (with “Peça”), the composer has been gradually increasing his audience with elements such as samba, rock, indie, and lofi, inspired by his diverse references, such as Jorge Ben Jor, Trio Mocotó, Gal Costa, Mac Demarco, Mild High Club, and Clairo. His new single is “Calmaria”, which hits digital platforms on 16/10.


Singer and songwriter Luiza Casé @luizacase has already participated in the soundtracks of national films, such as “10 Segundos”, “”, and “E Aí, comeu?”, and won the musical reality show Geleias do Rock, from the channel Multishow, with her former band Os Gutembergs. In 2019, she launched her solo career with the album “Mergulho”, produced by Arto Lindsay and Thiago Nassif, drawing critical and public attention due to the musicality that combines pop and MPB, involving lyrics and a great delivery in voice and live interpretations. The artist has just released her EP “Mão”, produced by Thiago, Jonas Sá with consultancy by Lindsay, and which brings the new songs “Coração na Mão”, “Maior que a Noite”, “Amizade”, and “Purpurina”, with the participation of musician and artist Pedro Sá.


Formed in theater, the duo Os Alacantos (@osalacantos) brings elements of blues, folk, and jazz, but without losing its Brazilian identity. In 2019, it released the EP “Canções de um Relação Feliz”, bringing to digital the strong audience that accompanied them in the shows. Influenced by the events of social isolation, the couple of artists released this year the single “Aqui pra Você”, which deals with the relationships seen on social networks. The duo is formed by Tauã de Lorena and Laura Gabriela.


Pernambuco singer and songwriter, Romero Ferro (@romeroferro) released two albums, “Arsênio” (2016) and “FERRO” (2019). The artist has been expanding his audience with a work that combines Pop and rhythms like brega and electronic music in partnerships with Duda Beat and Bella Schneider. He has participated in events such as the Coquetel Molotov and RIO2C festival and, this year, released the single “E Se não Era Amor”.


With an alternative pop style, (SZEL @leoszel) is a singer and composer from Rio. He has already released the EP “Nunca Mais”, and its remix version “Nunca Mix”. He worked with a strong visual presence and recently launched the single “Pra Saturno”, which deals with self-knowledge and personal transformation.

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Trends Brasil Conference: 

TRENDS BRASIL CONFERENCE: Trends Brasil Conference is the annual meeting of the music industry in Brazil. The conference brings together all the players in the music production chain to discuss the sector; train musicians, artists, and producers in the new tools; expand networking; to think about the future; to internationalize. They are labels, distributors, publishers, copyright companies, streaming platforms, marketing agencies, law firms, entrepreneurs, producers, authors, students, audiovisual professionals, musicians, and social networks.  All, without exception, are part of this great movement that oxygenates the music market. This year, in its fifth edition, due to social distancing protocols, Trends will take place in a virtual environment with all the benefits of a face-to-face conference (in content and networking) and can go further. An even wider and more diversified program, international participation, and global reach. The conference will be live between October 19th and 23rd and participants will have access to the content, which will be recorded on the platform, for another 6 months. Representatives of several companies are confirmed as speakers, with emphasis on Facebook/Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Universal Music, Som Livre/Fluve, Rappi, Twitter, Bandcamp, among others.

Where to watch – SOUND CLUB LIVE

In consideration of artists who are unable to monetize their lives through sponsorships from large companies, entrepreneur Juliana Brittes had the idea of creating an App that would help musicians in their online presentations, in the midst of a new era of virtual shows. In less than a month, the streaming made for IOS, Android, and Web, Sound Club Live was already working; in the first week of release, more than 600 registered artists were already able to monetize their lives and earn money in shows broadcast from their own homes. Today, with thousands of downloads and just over six months of startup, the platform is a success.

“Through the App, artists anywhere in Brazil can enter, make their presentation, essay, or online content and monetize it, as if it were a face-to-face presentation, with control over their paying audience”, explains Juliana.

The App Sound Club Live is an innovative project, previously unheard of in Brazil, it is the only platform where the public pays the artist directly, regardless of algorithms, numbers of users, or followers.

After downloading the streaming platform made for IOS, Android, and Web and making a quick registration, the audience can honor the artist during the lives with values starting at R$ 10 with direct credit card charges. The musician can create his or her event and charge for early access, such as an online ticket, which is also paid with credit card.