The Pub Truck

The Pub Truck

The Pub Truck is one of the street food pioneers in RJ. Since 2014, going around the city, it settled in Largo Fernando Torres in Ipanema in 2017 and since then it has been driving a transformation in culture and local relationship.

In order to improve the space, The Pub Truck made several movements such as the creation of an Urban Garden for the neighbors, the installation of a Book Nest for people to sit, read, exchange editions, exhibitions by local artists such as photographers and plastic artists and the most famous project is “Música na Praça”, curated by the renowned Cecelo Frony, neighbor and owner of a studio also close to Largo Fernando Torres.

In addition, we took care of the underpinning, lighting, security, and built wooden benches around the trees so that the most democratic space in Ipanema is a place of remarkable meetings for all who seek entertainment, culture, and good food.

R. Alberto de Campos, 214-222 – Ipanema

(21) 99775-4735